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Khajuraho, a small town in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The name of the city was given by date palms (kajur), in the thickets of which the pearl of world architecture - the Khajuraho temple complex - has been hidden for centuries.


The English army captain Burt, who accidentally opened the Khajuraho temples after centuries of oblivion, fell into Victorian indignation when he saw the figures depicted on the walls of the temples. And, indeed, there are no analogs in the world to the temples of several religions, in the decoration of which erotic and religious motifs are mixed.

Khajuraho is a real must-see for an inquisitive tourist. The finest carving, the complexity of architectural solutions creates a mysterious maze in which everyone finds hidden meaning, meaning and a secret message. Therefore, it is not surprising that crowded “Boeings” with tourists go to the city every day with a population of 10 thousand people. People come here not only to look at historical monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, but people also come to Khajuraho who seeks to understand the culture and philosophy of India.


Attractions in Khajuraho: -

Kandariya Mahadeva Temple: - The beautiful Hindu temple complex in Khajuraho, which is in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is famous throughout the world. Kandariya-Mahadeva Temple belongs to the Western Group of temples and is one of the largest and most richly decorated buildings in it.

Archaeological Museum: - The archaeological museum in the city of Khajuraho will not leave anyone indifferent. The museum was created based on a whole system of ancient temples, which are decorated with many incredibly beautiful, skilfully carved statues and sculptural compositions.

Vishwanath Temple: - The ancient and beautiful temple of Viswanath is considered one of the most beautiful and famous Khajuraho temples in Madhya Pradesh. It belongs to the Western group of the famous Khajuraho temples and is located on its north-eastern edge.

Lakshman Temple: - Lakshmana Temple is in Khajuraho, a small village in the state of Madhya Pradesh, which is in the center of India. It is part of the famous temple complex and belongs to the Western group of buildings.

Chaturbhuj Temple: - Located near the small but world-famous village of Khajuraho, Chaturbhuj Temple was built in honor of the Hindu god Vishnu. This ancient temple, which, according to scientists, was created around 1100, is also known as Batakari - the name of the village in which it is located.

Chitragupta Temple: - The amazing temple of Chitragupta, which is one of the buildings of the world-famous temple complex in the village of Khajuraho, which is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is dedicated to one of the deities of Indian mythology, Suria (Surya), the God of the Sun is the only one of all the temples of the complex.


Foods in Khajuraho: -

The cuisine of the region is famous for its sweet and spicy desserts. Restaurants having a great interior of which is designed in red and green. The most restaurants are in the Western group of temples, offering delicious and inexpensive dishes, especially mango pancakes.


Shopping in Khajuraho: -

You can buy copper sculptures in the shops of the city, repeating the most famous statues from the Khajuraho temples in the poses of the Kama Sutra (undoubtedly an original gift). If you arrive in Khajuraho on Tuesday, you can visit the local market, where silver and copper products will cost you much less.

Crafts Emporium - a fashionable store located on Jain Temple Road offers original jewelry, stone and silver figurines and other products of Indian craftsmen.


Best Time to Visit Khajuraho: -

The climate in Khajuraho can be expressed as “sharply continental”, i.e. changes from season to season quite noticeably - these are the features of central India. From October and March, the weather is quite comfortable - dry and warm during the day, moderately cool at night.


How to Reach Khajuraho: -

By Air: - The nearest airport is 5 kilometers from the city, Air India, and Jet Airways from Delhi, Mumbai and Varanasi fly here.

By Train: - You can come to the Khajuraho train station from Delhi. Trains run six days a week (except Thursday). You can also get from Delhi to Jhansi and transfer to the local train there. From Allahabad or Mumbai, you can drive to Satna, located 117 kilometers from Khajuraho.

By Road: - Satna and Jhansi have regular bus connections to Khajuraho. The bus ride from both cities will take 5-6 hours. A taxi ride will take about three hours.

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