Royal Wedding Tour in Rajasthan

Why Choose Rajasthan for a Wedding Destination?

Royal Wedding Tour in Rajasthan

There’s no better place to get married in India other than Rajasthan. Known for the majestic palaces and vibrant festivities,
Rajasthan is always ready to host a wedding in its full spirit.

Rajasthan cities host thousands of weddings during peak season. Because of this reason, Rajasthan has gained the glory as the ideal wedding destination for Indians as well as foreigners.

What makes Rajasthan cities so special? Well, if we explore deep into this question, we will realize that it is nothing but the rich culture and
tradition that made the city majestic and famous. Rajasthan has a noble tradition nurtured and upheld by the noble kings and their successors.

Palaces for Royal Wedding in Rajasthan

The city still retains the richness and grandeur of the regal era. The marble paved roads, majestic palaces, colossal statues and the gigantic
fortresses distinguish Rajasthan cities from other parts of the country. To add to their unique setting are the incessant cultural processions and festivities
that run throughout the year. With all these specialties, Rajasthan has earned the reputation as the best place in India to host a wedding.

Among several famous cities in Rajasthan, Udaipur is the most famous for wedding. Known as the Venice of the East, Udaipur hosts the
maximum number of weddings in Rajasthan.

The natural and cultural attractions of Udaipur have contributed to this fame. Udaipur is known for its famous Lake Palace, Darbar Hall, and a
number of temples and forts, as well as beautiful landscapes and wildlife nestled in the Aravali Hills.

Udaipur, the capital of the erstwhile princely state of Mewar, has gained a lot of fame recently, so a number of tourist facilities have come up
to cater the needs of growing number of visitors, especially those who come for arranging a wedding. Important wedding destinations in
Udaipur are the Grand Heritage Palaces and Royal Retreats of Udaipur, which offer the perfect setting for a regal celebration.

The Jagmandir Lake Palace is another famous wedding destination in Udaipur. This famous palace has some connection with the historic Taj Mahal in Agra; for that reason, the
Jagmandir palace has become the one of the most sought-after wedding destinations in India. The palace is the epitome of regality and hospitality. Keeping with the old tradition,
marriages are organized meticulously with the help of professional groups.

The Durbar Hall at the Fateh Prakash Palace, Udaipur, will attract anyone at the very first sight itself. The gorgeous decorations with luxurious crystal chandeliers and velvet
canopies are not alone. Inside the Hall, you will also be welcomed by the portraits of the Royal Kings of Mewar and a splendid collection of artifacts and armors that were
popular those days. The whole ambiance will make you feel as if you were brought centuries back.


Rajasthan Wedding with Ghoomer Dance

To make the wedding more eventful, there are the Rajasthani folk dancers who perform the famous Ghoomer dance with full fervor.
Decked up in vibrant colors, the ladies whirl around while their male companions arrive with their traditional headgear to entertain them.

With all these, a wedding in Rajasthan adds an everlasting memory not only to the bride and groom but also to those who come to
attend the wedding – thanks to the people of Rajasthan who have preserved the value of their culture and transferred it from
generation to generation.

If you are planning to host a wedding at any of the beautiful cities of Rajasthan, leave the job to us and wait for a great time ahead.