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Sam Sand Dunes

Short Description

If you want to spend time on the back of a camel, and night - under a starry sky on a camel-woolen cloth, then here you are! 40 km from Jaisalmer, the landscape from a semi-desert turns into a real sandy desert with dunes, in which feet are buried on an ankle boat. The complete illusion of the desert. These are the famous sand dunes of Sam Dunes. Without their visit, consider you did not see Jaisalmer! Sam sand dunes, must-visit places in Jaisalmer where you will find high sand dunes, and can also enjoy camel safari or jeep safari, as well as stay in one of the many desert camps, built in a 2-3 km radius of sand dunes.


The best time to reach Sam in the sand dunes around the evening (sunset) around 4-7 pm or early in the morning, during sunrise from 4 to 6 in the morning. The view of the sunset and sunrise is amazing.

One can go in a trance, the dunes plunge into a picturesque picture with contour shadows of ripples and wavy ridges. Brown melts into bronze and turns into dark gold. It is easy to understand why sand dunes are one of the most incredibly beautiful, exciting, creepy, treacherous or simply obscene places on earth. And it is easy to understand why people flock to look at them, and walk on them, and get their picture postcard photos pressed with camels in the foreground and sunset in the background, as they are all around us.

This is a very interesting place to be with your friends, family. A jeep safari is a must-do and the most exciting part of the sand dunes. Restaurants in the sand, wallowing on it. Sam sand dunes are truly a treat for the eyes. There are many resorts there. Remember to make a desert safari in a tar car. After going into the actual desserts there you go for real fun. This hot desert has amazing views ... And a beautiful sunset. If you ride from the hotel to see the sunset in dunes, the ride would be nice and picturesque, and you will find a lot of windmill farms along the road.


Things to Do: -

One can enjoy a lot of adventurous activities in the dunes. One can opt for camel safari, jeep safari, Dune bashing, etc. One can enjoy the solitude with afternoon sun setting on the horizon. The hot, dry stretch of white sand comes to life suddenly after sunset as it transferred into a cultural hub accompanied by the local dance and music.

At night you can go for the swiss camps and enjoy the local food and hospitality or light a campfire and just lie down on the sand and star gaze!!!


Best Time to Visit Sam Sand Dunes: -

The best time to visit is from October to February, as in the renaming of months, all camps are closed, and only a few camel riders will be available. As many travelers like to attend evening music programs at Sam (in the desert camps), you will not be able to attend them during the summer and monsoon months.


How to Reach Sam Sand Dunes: -

By Air: - Jaisalmer airport is the nearest airport to reach here.

By Train: - Jaisalmer railway station is the nearest station, well connected with all major cities of India.

By Road: - A daily bus runs from Jaisalmer by the Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation.

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